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CCS / Willow Valley Mosaic

Lancaster, PA


Willow Valley is one of the top senior living communites in the world.  Designed by Gensler and currently being developed, Mosaic will provide an exceptional urban living experience in downtown Lancaster, PA.  Along with serving as an owner's rep for Willow Valley, CCS Building Group is also the general contractor on the project.  CCS hired köllab to develop experience based installations at the Willow Valley Welcome Center to enhance the sales experience.  Four key features were designed and produced by köllab.  

- experiential design

- executive producer


Mosaic will rise above all other buildings in downtown Lancaster and the views from the property are stunning.  k​öllab felt it was important to create a WOW moment when guests entered the model unit located at the Welcome Center.  Rather than a simple printed graphic on the floor-to-ceiling windows, köllab proposed a series of light boxes to be positions behind the glass to give the stunning views vibrancy and life.  We worked with a professional drone pilot to capture a series of sunset images and then created the composite image which was used to print on the face material. 


This installation provides guests a more analogue form of an interactive experience.  From the outside, the built-in unit is faced with an east elevation drawing of Mosaic.  Each floor in the building is represented by an individual drawer which, when pulled out, contains a representative floor plan.  Each unit is then recessed into the drawer and the pocket contains a set of unit cards with detailed specs and floor plans to be take by interested guests.  To make access to each drawer easier, a wall mounted toggle switch moves the entire set of drawers up and down.  


At first glance, the table appears to be a basic white model of the Lakes or Manor campus.  But once an associate activates the table, overhead projectors mapped to the three-dimensional surface, bring the model to life.  The base is a realistic arial rendering but associates can activate additional layers of content to highlight features of the campus like walking paths, transportation routes, parks and other points of interest.  The table itself contains separate models of the Lakes and Manor campuses, with potential to add a third model.  The surface can be flipped to reveal other models through the content control software.  


This extra-wide, wraparound projection surface is a flexible, digital cavas that can be used to immerses guests in a variety of digital content experiences.  From sizzle videos to Evolution Virtual's Sage application, associates have the freedom to control a variety of content and tools from an untethered iPad.  

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