Kollab provides project based representation and consulting services for owners, creatives and builders. We specialize in the creative process and execution of projects where technology and the built environment intersect. We work with our clients to define their goals and tailor a set of services to achieve them, which may include:

● Concept, Creative Design and Consulting


● Budget Development and Oversight


● Project Phasing and Planning


● Project Management Consulting

● Sub and Vendor Coordination


● Owner Hire Vendor Management


● Construction Management Oversight


● Activation and Commissioning Oversight

We predominantly work in the built environment and deliver value on projects of nearly any scale. We are able to support clients at a whole project level or focus on specific elements to achieve results. Some of the areas we excel in are:

● Performance Venues


● Retail + Lifestyle Centeres


● Immersive + Experiential

● Commercial Construction

● Hospitality

They make up three main pillars of any project:


Visionaries who define the initial set of project goals


Creatives who develop a strategy to achieve the goals


Builders who develop a plan to turn strategy into reality

The value we deliver to each is unique and can include:


Expertly manage coordination to maximize savings


Ensure corners aren't cut and creative vision is protected


Create experiences that keep people coming back


Forward thinking concepts, cutting edge technology

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