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köllab was founded in the fall of 2020 by Tyler Kicera, the former VP, Head of Creative at TAIT, a global leader in the live event and entertainment technology space.  Trained as an architect, Tyler spent over twelve years working for TAIT, where he held various design, management and leadership roles.  In that time, Tyler helped to deliver hundreds of projects for some of the worlds most recognizable brands, artists, architects and designers.  In early 2020, COVID changed the world, and Tyler saw an opportunity to satisfy his long standing desire to venture out on his own.  Leveraging his skills, experience and elite network, Tyler launched köllab in late 2020. 

köllab is a diverse project partner that offers creative, consulting and production services for events, entertainment technology and architecture based projects around the world.  We specialize in developing creative visions, balanced with knowledge of how to execute, and assembling collaborative, expert project teams to deliver.  On behalf of our clients, we drive projects from start to finish, efficiently closing the design loop while preserving the creative vision.  



Tyler Kicera

Chief Creator & Executive Producer

Tyler possesses a unique, world-class set of skills built on fifteen years of experience working in the live event, entertainment technology and architecture spaces.  He has been involved in the design, engineering, management and delivery of some of the most recognizable and innovative projects around the world. Trained as an architect with an engineering mindset, Tyler has developed a specialized ability to balance creative vision with experience developing solutions, managing complex and innovative projects, from start to finish

Stephanie Kicera Headshow.jpg

Stephanie Kicera

Designer, Commercial Interiors

Stephanie was trained as an interior designer and has worked in the commercial lighting, flooring, commercial photography set design and styling industries, working with many big brands.  In 2014, Stephanie launched an interior design firm under her own name, delivering projects in the commercial, hospitality, and places of worship spaces.  As a long time collaborator, Stephanie officially joined the köllab team in 2023.  

We have a world-class global network of the most talented and cutting edge resources available to tackle the most challenging projects.  Our network is constantly growing and includes:

Artists  +  Architects  +  Content Creators  +  Lighting Designers  +  Custom Fabricators

and companies specializing in 

Automation  +  Acoustics  +  Robotics  +  Control Systems  +  Mechanical/Structural Engineering  +  High Performance Rigging  +  Temporary Structures  +  LED Video / Lighting Technology  +  Scenic Art  +  VR/MR Platforms  +  Software

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