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Soundstorm VIB

Riyadh, KSA


- architectural design

ProductionGlue, a New York City based production company, produced the MDLBeast Soundstorm Festival in Riyadh in 2022.  They hired köllab to provide architectural design services on two premium VIP buildings, known as "VIB".  These weren't just ordinary temporary structures, but specially design, modular, reconfigurable, temporary buildings that had a very high level of finish. 


Along with key people at ProductionGlue, köllab worked with Robert Bird Group, which served as the structural engineer, on the optimizing the structural systems to meet the artistic vision and provide flexibility for future use.  In total, the project went from first-sketch to show-ready in less than six months.  This incredible feat was made possible by smart design and the hard work of staff at ProductionGlue, Robert Bird Group, and multiple fabricators on the ground in the UAE.  Time was so tight in fact that some of the design details and trim were not able to be installed.  

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