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Rock Lititz

Lititz, PA

2013 - present

- concept design

- creative consulting

- solution development

- detail design

The Rock Lititz campus is a one-of-a-kind facility located in Lititz, PA.  The cornerstone to the property is the rehearsal studio.  While at TAIT, Tyler consulted on design and architectural details for Studio 1 and Pod 2.  köllab has since continued to provide design and consulting services.  Most recently, in conjunction with the ongoing Studio 2 expansion, köllab was hired to consult and provide design services on the connector link architecture, entrances and facade designs.   

A material pallet, used throughout the campus, was developed around the Rock Lititz brand.  The foundation of this pallet is natural cedar and “Yes” yellow accents against black base materials.  While each project on the campus incorporates this pallet, each is differentiated by its own design vocabulary.  Pod 2 entrances are defined by hanger-style awnings, on Pod 5 we used picture frame soffits and on the Studio 2 and connector link addition we will utilize upward slanted roofs with separate flat awnings. 


Many of the materials found on campus stay true to themselves.  Raw wood, steel and concrete are celebrated.  When designing the campus signage, we opted to use weathering steel and to carve the letters from them.  

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