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credit Krista Jasso / CLTFC

Charlotte FC

Charlotte, NC


- concept design

- project consulting

- executive producer

Charlotte Football Club is an MLS expansion team that launched in 2022. köllab worked closely with the Club to develop team rituals, in particular the team’s signature coronation ceremony, where the Fan-of-the-Match and Man-of-the-Match are crowned.


köllab designed a sleek, modern Throne, fully equipped with color changing LED and a custom built cryo effects system.  The Throne is modular and can be used in multiple configurations. The Crowns were also specially designed and incorporate commemorative coins, minted to celebrate each match.  


After concept design, köllab was then hired to executive produce the coronation elements. We brought key fabrication and special effects partners together to deliver the elements on an aggressive timeline, and despite lingering pandemic related supply chain issues.  


credit Blue Amber / CLTFC


credit Taylor Banner / CLTFC


credit Krista Jasso / CLTFC

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